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“Wow!! Just got home from watching Against the Tides at my local cinema. Stunning cinematography and one of the most honestly filmed documentaries I've seen. Very powerful and inspiring. I highly recommend it!”

- Sophie Rose Heath (via Facebook)

“From the opening slo-mo shot, I knew that we were in for some extraordinary film-making. Do not miss it!” 

- Yvette Staelens (via Facebook)

“Absolutely terrific - enthralling, insightful, beautifully shot and with an amazing twist!”

- David Evans (via website)

“A 'Must-see', whether you swim or not. This film deserves global recognition!”

- Anabel Dunstan (via Twitter)

“A beautiful beautiful film. It’s so honest, raw, uplifting, wonderful. It's one of the best things I've ever seen!”

- Nicola Spear (via Instagram)


“Saw the superb Against the Tides film last night and I URGE you to see it!”

- Jenny Landreth (via Twitter)

“There are lots of adventure films out there about (generally) big hairy men. This one is about an amazing woman swimming Oceans Seven. Incredible! Stunning cinematography. Thoroughly recommend making the effort to see it on the big screen!”

- Gwen Edwards (via Facebook)

“This is superb.  If you can find it at a cinema, GO!”

- Nigel J Millinson (via Facebook)

“Stunning and thought-provoking film!”

- Joe Stocker (via Facebook)  

“This is a beautifully shot & told documentary about endurance swimming, about a mother and her son, and about a woman who listened to her own voice, no matter how hard. Go see it!”

- Alison Walker (via Twitter)


“So impressed by this moving & poignant film. Beautifully shot, it captures an array of human vulnerablitites contrasted with incredible strength!”

- Cressida Allwood (via Twitter)

“It was so good! Loved it. The cinematography, the music, everything!”  

- Nelson Whaley (via Instagram)

“Inspiring human story. Showing real emotion. Everything about it was wonderful!”

- Sue Stocker (via Facebook)

“Just WOW! Fabulous cinematography and sound. And amazing story, tackling the questions of what defines success.”

- Kathryn Gordeon (via Facebook)

“This is not just a film about endurance swimming, incredible strength, the power of the mind, women, mothers, winning or losing. It is about all these things and so much more!”

- Debbie Luffman (via Facebook)

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“So many layers to this outstanding documentary. Beth story is so much more that swimming the 7 channels! Go see it!”

- Mathilde Mazau (via Facebook)

“Brilliant film. Kept us gripped until the very end!”

- Helen Yull (via Facebook)

“Totally recommend it!” 

- Colin Hughes (via Facebook)

“Great end to the day watching Scottish Premiere of this amazing film!”

- @edingeorgie (via Instagram)