April 2018


AGAINST THE TIDES picture-locked on the 13th April, 2018 and are now in the midst of our final post for five to six weeks to do the music, sound design, graphics, audio mix, colour correction etc and are aiming to complete by the end of May. Hopefully, all in time for some of the exciting upcoming documentary/film festivals in Sheffield (Doc/Fest), Toronto (TIFF) and Amsterdam (IDFA); assuming we get accepted, of course - all of the above are highly prestigious international events with thousands of entries every year.

Congratulations to Jo Moseley for winning our Passenger collaboration giveaway. She won one of their highly functional, water-resistant blankets, plus a stylish bobble hat and an enamel campfire mug. We can't wait to see her using them! Stay tuned for more giveaway's by following us on our social media channels.

Hannah Gabrielle More